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Here you’ll discover artists striving to create authentic music relatively unencumbered by the need to address commercial expectations.

Our artists have their own unique take on the sounds that move them, having absorbed a range of music... contemporary chamber, jazz, experimental, progress rock, and fusion.

Those looking for music with a little something extra and deeper... almost naive in its disregard for convention,
will be rewarded by what they find here!

The Band

  • Michael O’Connell - Drums / Recording Engineer

    Michael O’Connell - Drums / Recording Engineer

    Producer, engineer, and musician, Michael O’Connell was born in Brooklyn, New York.When his family eventually settled in Baltimore, Maryland he began snare drum studies with a faculty member of Peabody Institute and started performing in various local music groups.

    During the eventful years between 1968 and 1972, he drummed with guitarist Chuck Hughes and keyboardist Eddie Sears. In ’73, Michael and his wife moved to Boston. There, after being a frequent guest in the Berkley College of Music rehearsal rooms he met bassist John Neves. John introduced him to the legendary drummer, Alan Dawson, and soon Michael began drum kit studies with Alan at his home in Lexington.

    Frequenting New York City, he met and played briefly in a band fronted by Omar Mesa. Michael developed an abiding love and appreciation of Indian Classical music and started a two year course of study with tabla virtuoso, Shashi Nayak in his home in Allston, Massachusetts.

    Later he participated in the formation of a progressive rock group in Arlington, MA., and was introduced to the engineering and recording side of things by guitarist Dave Rizzuti. Michael’s apparent skill and interest grew into his creation of Expanding Sky Music where he began producing, composing, and recording original pieces for various clients in the Boston area from his home studio in Acton, Massachusetts. Michael’s first CD of original compositions was produced here and was a critical success, garnering nominations for best ambient album, and best new artist for 2007 from the New Age Messenger music organization. The album, “Heart of Matter” received a Grindle Award from RadioIndy for audio quality.

  • Kofi Vanderpuye - Bass Guitar

    Kofi Vanderpuye - Bass Guitar

    The son of Ghanaian parents, Kofi was born in London and when the family moved to New York City attended the UN School where his mother held a teaching post. The school's strong emphasis on early music (and art) education, along with the eclectic offerings on the airwaves of the late sixties and early seventies enriched his youth...

    and formed the foundation and the template of his future musical direction.

    Kofi's musical journey, which has taken him from UNIS in NYC; to his days in secondary school in Ghana, where his interest in the bass guitar first crystallized; to his time at Vassar College where he found an unusually large nexus of like-minded musicians; to his many years living and playing in the Boston area, has afforded him the opportunity to closely interact and/or collaborate with a wide variety of exceptionally talented musicians. Several of these folks have gone on to highly successful careers in the music industry.

    Though largely self-taught, he has on occasion studied, most notably with Malcolm Stuckey and Louis Ulrich, both established instructors and veterans of the Boston music scene. In his current project he brings diligence and focus to the art of bass guitar and composition; listening to and absorbing varied influences from funk & R&B, to Prog, Rock, and Jazz. Over the years he has also expanded his skill set to include guitar, keyboards and music technology, tools that have served him well as he continues to experience both the rewards and challenges of collaborative music making.

  • Gary W. Jenkins - Lead Guitar

    Gary W. Jenkins - Lead Guitar

    Gary W. Jenkins was born in New York, raised in Europe and later relocated to Boston, MA , where he now resides. He originally began his musical training playing the drums and piano at age 9, but later moved on to the electric guitar and bass , which are now his primary instruments.

    Having been a performer for decades in various rock, blues, jazz fusion and funk bands in New York and Boston, his main influences are Jeff Beck, Todd Rundgren, and Jaco Pastorius.

    As a songwriter and performer , he brings a diverse background to the group with his soulful guitar work that adds a layer of dreamy textures and the often erratic, tension based soloing that reaches for the unexpected.

  • Stephen Savage - Keyboard

    Stephen Savage - Keyboard

    Musician and educator Stephen William Savage was born in St. Louis, MO and grew up in the Santa Fe, NM area. He went to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory of Music, where he received a Bachelor of Music with Honors in Music Composition, and was a faculty member at Berkley College of Music for five years, teaching theory...

    (including counterpoint and figured bass), composition, and piano. After further studies at the New England Conservatory (Master of Music in Composition), he joined the music theory faculty of its Preparatory School and Continuing Education Division, and has taught there for many years. He has also worked as a freelance music teacher, composer, and pianist, and has been a faculty member at various local music schools.

Album | Proof of Infinity: Expanding Sky

The Music

The love of the infinite potential of virtual instruments, multi mode synthesis in a mingling of great bass and drums, voices, acoustic pianos, electric guitars, and whatever seems germane to the inner promptings that give rise to musical expression.

Aerial Dance Notes:42 Rise Up Notes:40 Wave Cycle Notes:36
Expanding Sky Studio in Bath Maine

The Studio

At our Expanding Sky Studio in Bath, Maine, we present music that is, by its very nature, not easily put into commercial categories. Those looking for music with a little something extra, music almost naive in its disregard for convention, will be rewarded by what they find here.

With an important emphasis on aural space, sonic sculpting, and quality presentation, we employ the new tools, instruments, and effects made available by the continuing revolution in music technology.